Electronic Access Control

Electronic Access Control, Tarheel SafeTarheel Safe & Lock, Inc. offers perfect synergy between simplicity and power with the ultimate access control to your property including full audit trailing of that access. You can control who goes where and when. When someone leaves or loses a keycard you can immediately delete that access to your property.

We have access control solutions for one door at your home or hundreds of doors at your business. No more need to re-key when a key is lost or an employee leaves. These systems can be managed on site or via the Internet.

  • 16 Doors, 2000 Tag-holders and 16 zones
  • SQL open Database
  • Graphical User Interface (GUI)
  • Card Printing
  • Building Management
  • Elevator control for up to 4 elevators
  • with 16 floors each
  • Long Range Systems