Balancing the Risks

Before you buy a safe, it is first important to balance your level of risk. If the contents of the safe are going to be insured or partially insured and the dollar value is several thousands, contact your Insurance agent to help determine what your savings will be in policy premium for the different classifications. […]

Burglary vs. Fire Protection

Safes are built to meet certain fixed standards of either fire or burglar resistance.  Before you buy a safe, you should first determine the size and which standard of resistance is better for you. The basic construction design of a fire resistive safe is a hollow sheet metal casing which is filled with fire resistive Insulation and […]

Determining the Size of Your Safe

Before you buy a safe, the first determination should be SIZE. Safes are built to sizes that are only “standard” with the manufacturer and will vary quite a bit with each manufacturer. It is best to measure a few of the larger items you wish to keep within a protective housing. In particular, note the […]

Before You Buy A Safe

Whether you are buying a safe for your personal or business use it is really best to follow the same path in approaching the situation. The shortest distance between two points is still a straight line. However, here we have three main points to consider: Size of the safe. Type and degree of protection. price […]